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Well done to the Year 5 students at Keysborough Primary School in Springvale South who have been acknowledged for their great work in learning about urban planning and coming up with a range of open space ideas for their community.

After learning about urban planning at school, the students presented ideas to the Geography Teacher’s Association of Victoria (GTAV) Annual Conference in September and were congratulated by City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp.

The initiative was part of a new approach to community engagement by Development Victoria, who worked with the Geography Teacher’s Association to develop an urban planning and design curriculum for the students.

Development Victoria owns a site at Springvale South next door to the Keysborough Primary School and the project team identified the school community as key stakeholders in developing proposals for the site.

As part of the curriculum, Year 5 students were asked to come up with ideas for the open space within the planned residential development.

The school engagement program created a connection between Development Victoria and the community through the eyes of those who will be most influential in the future and who could someday be residents in the development.

The winning students designed three spaces for consideration within the future development, including a community garden for residents and the community; a playground for children and adults to meet and make friends; and a recreation space for picnics, exercise and for dogs to enjoy off-leash.

Development Victoria will also take on board the ideas when it undertakes the next stage of planning on the Springvale South project. 

Development Victoria is keen to hear from other schools across Melbourne which would benefit from this kind of project.

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Updated on 26 May 2023