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Permanent hoarding will be installed tomorrow around Central Pier in Docklands to secure the site which was closed after engineers assessed the 100-year old structure as no longer safe for public access.

The 125-metre hoarding will run along the frontage with Harbour Esplanade and will be supplemented with safety fencing along the water’s edge. A floating boom will also be installed at water level around the pier as a protective measure to prevent any material from entering the waterway over time.

“It is important to both secure and preserve the existing site while we consider the next steps for Central Pier, recognising it will take some time before we understand what that future might look like,” said Geoff Ward, Group Head Precincts at Development Victoria.

“Just as the decision to close the structure was made in the interests of public safety, these protective measures are further reinforcement that safety remains paramount and will complement the 24/7 security arrangements on Central Pier.”

Development Victoria has also begun discussions with Heritage Victoria and other key stakeholders around the planning process involved in any redevelopment of the structure. There will also be a community and stakeholder engagement program developed to ensure those who want to be a part of the conversation are able to be heard.

Development Victoria announced the permanent closure of Central Pier in early January, following an extensive 15-week assessment of the 100-year-old structure determined that, even with additional repairs, it could not be made safe for ongoing occupation.

The rate of deterioration to the piles that support the pier was found to be accelerating rapidly due to rot, marine borer and termite attacks. Development Victoria remains committed to ensuring a future for Central Pier, which is an important heritage asset at the heart of Docklands. The area is subject to heritage controls, with Victoria Harbour (including Central Pier) on the Victorian Heritage Register (#H1720).


Central Pier is an historic structure with some parts more than 100 years old.

Extensive repairs have been performed over time and over the past three years, Development Victoria has invested $7 million on rectification works to stabilise the pier.

Development Victoria closed the pier on 28 August 2019 in accordance with the Lease by notice expiring on 6 January 2020. This decision was made following advice from its engineering consultant that despite all efforts to stabilise Central Pier, there had been deterioration of the structure at an accelerated rate and the pier could not be made safe for occupation.

For further media information:
Lauren McKenzie, Acting Director Corporate Affairs, Development Victoria
0408 798777

Updated on 26 May 2023