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Development Victoria is pleased to share its proposed five-stage plan to construct the new wetlands at the Knoxfield site.

The draft plan was released as part of the Autumn Newsletter and details how, over a period of three to four years, Development Victoria will replace the unsafe, artificial dam currently on the site with a vibrant new wetland system.

Development Victoria have been working with a team of experts to develop the design for the new wetland. The wetland will be developed by a five-stage construction process, providing continual access to a waterbody for wildlife currently using the existing dam.

  1. Construct the new habitat wetland and outfall to Blind Creek with no works or disruption to take place on the existing dam.
  2. Monitor and assess the progress of the new habitat wetland over a 12-month period to assess how the habitat has established and the behaviour of existing species.
  3. Decommission the existing dam once there is evidence of flora and fauna in the new habitat wetland. Significant species will be reinstated in the new habitat wetland, either through translocation or propagation.
  4. Construct the treatment wetland and sedimentary basin as guided by our technical experts.
  5. Establish the treatment wetland and deliver the surrounding amenity which includes an active open space with a bird lookout, walking trails and landscaping.
Ecological monitoring will take place throughout the staged construction process and once the new wetland has been constructed.

A detailed plan of the proposed staged construction approach has been developed.

Development Victoria is seeking feedback on the proposed wetland approach. If you would like to contribute visit

Updated on 15 May 2024