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Development Victoria Interns - Tresa, Thomas and Charity
Left: Tresa, Centre: Thomas, Right: Charity

Applications are now open for Development Victoria’s intern program – and we're looking for highly motivated, strong academic performers to join our passionate team as part of our intern program – applications are open now! 

You’ll work a flexible week to balance classes and academic priorities, and will rotate through different specialisations within the organisation, gaining exposure to every aspect of the property development lifecycle.  

To give prospective participants a better idea of what the program is like, we spoke to some of our current interns – Thomas and Tresa – about their experiences to date. 

How would describe your average day as a Development Coordinator? 

Thomas: It’s split between carrying out day-to-day tasks with observing and learning. Whether working from home or in the office, there’s always an opportunity to learn from someone on my team. When I’m in the office I also can’t resist a coffee break – the view from the level 22 café at 8 Exhibition Street is amazing! 

Charity: Each day looks a little different, but there’s usually a mix of meetings with different consultants or stakeholders, supporting the preparation of reports/documents, processing invoices, responding to project queries and catching up with my team and manager. My favorite days are when I get the opportunity to go and visit a project site – it’s always great to see their progress 

What have you found to be the best part of the Intern Program? 

Tresa:  The number of opportunities I’ve had for my own professional development. I recently completed an accredited course towards Development Feasibility Modelling which I have been able to apply to several projects across Development Victoria! 

Thomas: Having the opportunity to get real-world experience in my field of study as well as making connections with my fellow interns and colleagues. Transitioning between studies and being in a professional working environment has helped me develop a lot and prepare myself for the start of my career in Project Management.

How would you describe the culture at Development Victoria? 

Tresa: I’ve found the culture at Development Victoria to be genuinely positive and engaging. There is a strong drive towards collaboration and professional development. It’s also been a safe space to learn as there is no such thing as a silly question.

Thomas: I feel supported as an intern and respected by everyone. Development Victoria as a workplace has been inviting and made me feel comfortable in my first job in the industry. I’ve never felt too out of depth and have had the support I need all the way through.

Charity: Incredibly welcoming! Everyone is always willing to offer their time and expertise to help with the learning process.

What would you say to students considering applying for the 2023-34 Development Victoria internship project? 

Tresa: Give it a go! I’ve found the internship has opened new doors for me and exposed me to more opportunities in the industry. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to apply the skill you gain through studies to real-time projects.

Thomas: I couldn’t recommend this internship higher. I was nervous to begin the program, not knowing what to expect moving from a retail job to an industry job. But the intern program has greatly helped with my studies, being able to put theory into practice. Having this experience whilst completing my studies has also instilled more confidence in me personally and professionally.

Charity: I can’t imagine any other workplace offering the variety of projects that you’re exposed to at Development Victoria, so do not be hesitant to apply! Even if you are unsure about having enough qualifications, there are a lot of opportunities for training and learning through the program.  

Learn more about the Intern Program and apply today!

Updated on 13 May 2024