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The opportunity to work on some of Melbourne and Victoria’s most innovative major projects is one of the key drawcards of Development Victoria’s intern program, aimed at university students studying property development, project management or urban renewal.

Imagine working on iconic projects such as the restoration of Flinders Street Station; the redevelopment of Melbourne Park or the State Library? Or working with the team delivering on the Docklands’ vision?  These are just some of the opportunities afforded to the successful interns at Development Victoria.

The intern program engages students for three days a week in their final year of study and provides an opportunity to work on state-shaping projects with experienced project and development managers.

Development Victoria is shaping the way Victorians live now and for generations to come.  Development Victoria develops and revitalises public buildings and land to create spaces and homes that help make Victoria a great place to live.

In February 2018, Development Victoria welcomed five interns: 
  • Kate O’Connor, Master of Project Management, RMIT University
  • Lexie Forbes, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, RMIT University
  • Dillon MacDonnell, Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours), Deakin University
  • Sophie Rabl, Bachelor of Applied Science, Property and Valuation (Honours), RMIT University
  • Meg Sullivan, Bachelor of Applied Science – Project Management (Honours), RMIT University. 

In their first week, the interns talked about their experiences and motivations. 

Q: Why did you apply for the internship? 

KO: I was looking for an opportunity to gain industry experience while working on exciting projects.  

LF:  I saw Development Victoria as an ideal mix between the public and the private sector, where projects have the local and broader community in mind, but are also commercially viable. 

DM: Having experienced working as an architect in South Korea, I wanted exposure to various facets of the construction industry. I also wanted to gain experience and make an educated decision about which master’s degree to pursue. 

SR:  The structure of the program was appealing and the fact I can work with the research and delivery teams on some great projects.  The fact that DV has a mandate to achieve policy objectives and can help deliver objectives such as housing affordability and community amenity. 

MS: I was seeking industry experience and DV presented a unique opportunity to work with a dynamic, innovative organisation. The projects are high profile and exciting projects that will shape the future of Melbourne.

Q: What did you hope to get out of it? 

KO: Exposure to a wide array of development projects and the opportunity to work with a variety of people. I can also see which sector my interests and strengths are in due to the rotation nature of the internship. 

LF:  As much experience as possible on a variety of projects and teams. I would also like to learn more about the commercial aspect of development. 

DM:  Industry experience, education and exposure. 

SR: Develop a good understanding of the development industry and expand my networks. 

MS: Industry experience, expansion of professional network and an opportunity to understand multiple areas of the industry. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

KO:  I would like to be a Development Manager and the internship will give me a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of projects to determine where I want my career to head. 

LF:  I hope to still be working in State Government, ideally with DV! 

DM:  I am hoping to be in a discipline within the construction industry which I enjoy. 

SR:  As a certified valuer, working towards becoming a Development Manager. 

MS:  I hope to be working as a Project Manager. 

Updated on 26 May 2023