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At Development Victoria, we are passionate about creating a thriving work environment for people as much as we are committed to creating vibrant places across Victoria through some of the state’s largest development projects.

To support the growth and development of our diverse team we’ve created a mentoring program – GROW - and it’s been quickly embraced

In 2022 we paired together 54 people as mentors and mentees to engage, share, learn and grow both professionally and personally.

Our GROW mentoring program is based on the principles of growth, relationships, opportunities and `win-win’ for everyone involved – and the organisation.

Mentoring is all about sharing knowledge, skills, and life experience to guide another person and support them to reach their full potential.

It offers an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and collaborate together to come up with new solutions to professional challenges. Developing trust is vital as it allows you to have honest conversations with your mentor, test ideas and get feedback safely.

The Development Victoria’s mentoring program also offers members of our team a way to connect with someone they might not get the chance to otherwise.

Two program participants who have developed a strong professional relationship – and friendship – are Senior Development Director Karen Cowden and Development Manager Ruby Clifford.

Karen was assigned as Ruby’s mentor and immediately connected as a pairing.

We asked each to describe what they took from being involved with the program and, importantly, learnt from each other over the year.

The mentor - Karen Cowden

“I was thrilled to be partnered with Ruby in Development Victoria’s Mentoring Program last year.

“Ruby is an emerging talent within Development Victoria and to be able to contribute to her growth and progress in her role as a Development Manager in the Precincts team has been a great privilege.

“We both learnt from each other in a professional sense - but we also had some fun along the way and we have built a really strong friendship as a result of this program.

“The structure of the Mentoring Program provided catalysts for us to have in-depth conversations and also provide us with the tools to resolve some of the more challenging matters we face in the workplace both on a daily basis and overall.

“The format of the networking events was engaging, collaborative and really practical.

“My advice is to embrace the program, , learn from other, broaden your networks and, importantly, have some fun along the way.”

The mentee - Ruby Clifford

“I wanted to better understand the inner workings of other divisions inside the organisation to achieve positive outcomes on our diverse range of projects. That’s why I was keen to be involved in the mentor program.

“I also saw the program as a great way to establish relationships and make some valuable connections.

“The mentorship program was set up perfectly, offering just the right amount of structure while still providing enough flexibility to have meaningful, personal conversations.”

“Karen and I hit it off from the start, and it was a real pleasure to have someone to discuss the various challenges and issues that arose at work.”

“I went into the program seeking greater knowledge of the organisation, but what I ended up gaining was so much more - a newfound friend and valuable mentor.”

We look forward to hearing – and sharing - more success stories like Karen and Ruby from our 2023 GROW mentoring program.

Updated on 15 May 2024