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Sustainability Innovation Challenge on a green background with a leaf inside a lightbulb

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for our people, the community, and all Victorians.

To achieve our sustainability goals, we know we must find new and innovative ways to work and have our enthusiastic team involved in embedding sustainability in everything we do.

And so, an idea was born - a Sustainability Innovation Challenge!

This wasn't any ordinary challenge - we wanted our teams to really step outside of their comfort zone and think differently

16 people fuelled by passion, innovation and maybe a little bit of competitive spirit were split into four teams and given 12 weeks to come up with a creative idea that delivers sustainability outcomes.

'This wasn't any ordinary challenge - we wanted our teams to really step outside of their comfort zone and think differently.' Angela Skandarajah, Chief Executive Officer Development Victoria said.

People with a shared interest joined forces from across the organisation to develop an innovative and deliverable sustainability solution that could be applied to a current Development Victoria project.

Our teams not only had to come up with the idea and refine it with various stakeholders - they also had to pitch it to an audience of over 50 and a panel of 3 judges.

‘We were really impressed by all submissions and the diversity of ideas was incredible.’

Our teams looked at ways to leverage new technology and apply it to our current portfolio of projects, developing a range of complex and creative concepts and pilot opportunities including:

  • Mobility as a service
  • Virtual power networks to facilitate net-zero energy outcomes for residents
  • Shared equity models for enhancing sustainability and affordability in apartment buildings
  • Stacked industrial spaces to facilitate sustainable and diverse communities 

Our greatest strength is our people, and we are committed to supporting our team to pursue their passions, think creatively, and collaborate wherever they can. This challenge brings this to life.

‘I’m inspired by what our teams were able to come up with together, I can't wait to see these ideas being brought to life in our projects’ Angela said.

Learn more about what we are doing in this space on our Sustainability page.

Updated on 26 May 2023