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Four ducklings with an adult duck swimming

Recent sightings of two new Blue-billed Duck families at Development Victoria’s Knoxfield site reinforces the need to replace the existing dam with a vibrant new wetlands system to ensure a safe breeding environment for these birds and other species.

The ducklings’ presence was reported by the community last month and confirmed by ecologists working on behalf of Development Victoria, who continue to actively monitor their progress.

This is the second time since the Knoxfield development was announced and formal monitoring commenced, where there has been evidence of the ducks breeding at the existing dam on site.

Development Victoria’s Group Head of Property Development, Penny Forrest said the ecologists are actively monitoring the ducks and, as a result, no works are planned which could impact any potential breeding.

“We plan to undertake a staged construction of the new wetlands to ensure these works don’t impact the ducks and other species – especially during their breeding season,” Ms Forrest said.

We want to give the Blue-billed Duck and other species the best opportunity to thrive on site.

The new wetlands has been designed by a team of expert consultants, including ecologists, with the aim of providing improved safe breeding habitat for the ducks and other species - and also to be enjoyed by the local community.

The wetlands will replace the unsafe, man-made dam that is currently on site and result in a better overall environmental outcome and improve the health of local waterways, including Blind Creek.

“Our priority is to create a wetlands environment that will support future populations of wetland birds – including the Blue-billed Duck – and is a place where they can thrive,” Ms Forrest said.

“Once the new Knoxfield wetlands are complete, we want to see the population of wetland bird species in the area continue to grow.”

Visit the Knoxfield project page for more information about this project.

Updated on 15 May 2024