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To the left is a young white girl in a olive green knit, to the right is a young asian girl in a black top, both in front of a green plant wall
Left: Emily Fambiatos, Right: Elane Le

At Development Victoria, we’re proud to support a diverse and inclusive workplace and recognise that different perspectives and voices are needed across our projects - including those of our interns. Our popular intern program provides university students with an opportunity to start a career working on some of Victoria’s most high-profile, complex and innovative projects.  

Applications open Monday 12 September for our 2023 intern program and we'll be looking for students studying property development, planning, construction, project management, engineering and architecture keen on kick-starting their careers.  

The two-year program offers a three-day (22.8-hour) flexible work week, to allow a balance with academic priorities. 

Our interns get the opportunity to rotate through different specialisations within the organisation gaining exposure to every aspect of the property development lifecycle, from acquisition to delivery.  

We recently chatted to two of our current interns, Elane Le and Emily Fambiatos, about their experience since joining our team in February this year.  

How would describe your average day at Development Victoria?  

Emily: I generally start my week with a debrief with my manager and share any updates from the previous week before we set tasks for the upcoming week. Then, every day will look a little different. I work with my team to help prepare various documents, join in on collaborative sessions for brainstorming and planning, and attend meetings with external consultants. On the days I work in the office, I also always make time to visit and meet with colleagues from other teams. 

Elane: I am currently working in the Strategy team and my days include a range of tasks. I help my manager and other team members produce market analysis reports, conduct due diligence in market research and generally provide support on other work as required. 

What have you found to be the best part of the Intern Program?  

Emily: Sharing the journey with the other interns! We have all bonded so much in just a short amount of time, and the support network that we have established in so valuable. 

Elane: Definitely the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, including working with the 2026 Commonwealth Games - Development Victoria project team. Alongside this, I’m also loving the exposure I gain from having the opportunity to rotate and work in different groups. 

What do you enjoy the most about working at Development Victoria?  

Emily: There is so much expertise in the organisation! Learning about everyone’s past professions and studies has really opened my eyes to the amount of knowledge, hard work, and passion that goes into our projects.  

Elane: This is my first industry position, so pretty much every process I have learnt or am learning is new! However, the thing that has stood out the most is the culture. Everyone at Development Victoria has been so inviting and supportive, and there is a genuine culture that trusts and puts their people’s mental and physical health first. 

How would you describe the culture at Development Victoria?  

Emily: Everyone is extremely honest, and Development Victoria has created a culture and environment where I feel genuinely supported and comfortable being myself. The programs and initiatives promoted within the organisation such as the Mentoring Program, the Gender Equality Action Plan, Reconciliation Action Plan, also show that health and respect are highly prioritised. 

Elane: The culture is people-focused, supportive and makes you feel comfortable. Someone is always willing to help and teach me the ways of the organization, which has been amazing. I find that I am continuously learning, whether it be acquiring a whole new skill or learning something simple but crucial like a new definition. 

What would you say to students considering applying for the 2023-34 Development Victoria internship project?  

Emily: Don't hesitate to apply! All skillsets are valuable in this role, and you will be supported by people who are willing to go the extra mile to help you learn on the job. 

Elane: This internship is an opportunity to gain a huge amount of exposure in the industry - before officially entering the workforce fulltime - alongside many professionals who are great role models. It’s worth thinking about any gaps you may have in your skills and knowledge as this internship offers loads of great opportunity to help you fill those gaps. The team at Development Victoria will provide their full support to help you grow and learn so come in with an open mind.  

Learn more about the Intern Program.  

Updated on 26 May 2023