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artist impression of a bridge crossing over green wetlands

As 2021 draws to a close, we wanted to share where we are at with the Knoxfield development and our future plans.

We’ve been working hard on the next steps for this exciting project, continuing with our commitment to delivering great outcomes for the community, residents, and the environment.

We are pleased to share our progress, in our Summer Newsletter, in which you'll find:

A planning process and status update

Throughout 2021 we have prepared and submitted several planning applications to Knox City Council. We have been engaging regularly with Council to work through the application assessment and review. These applications include a Wetland Application and a Subdivision Application for Stages 1 and 2 of the project.

Our sustainability approach

We have been focused on establishing a best practice approach to sustainable property development and have now developed a baseline of minimum sustainability standards which will be met on each of our projects. We have identified a number of sustainability outcomes which we will be aiming to include within the development, and which we will share with the community in 2022.

The newsletter also looks at our commitment to delivering affordable and diverse housing to help more Victorians into new homes, as well as an update on the new wetlands.

Download the newsletter and read it in full here.

Updated on 26 May 2023