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Five young people sitting on a couch and smiling at the camera

The opportunity to start a career working on some of Victoria’s most high-profile, complex and innovative projects is one of the key drawcards of Development Victoria’s intern program. 

Aimed at university students studying property development, planning, construction, project management, engineering and architecture, our interns work a 22.8-hour flexible week, to balance classes and academic priorities. 

The opportunity to rotate through different specialisations within the organisation also means they gain exposure to every aspect of the property development lifecycle, from acquisition to delivery. 

In February 2022, we welcomed five new interns to our team:

  • Emily Fambiatos, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours), RMIT 
  • Thomas Solarino, Bachelor of Applied Science (Project Management, Honours), RMIT 
  • Charity Yeboah, Master of Engineering (Civil with Business), Uni of Melb 
  • Tresa Kandoth, Bachelor of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (Honours), RMIT 
  • Elane Le, Bachelor of Applied Science (Project Management, Honours, RMIT 

We caught up with our interns to better understand their interest in the program, and what they hope to gain over the next two years. 

Why were you interested in an internship at Development Victoria?

Elane Le: This internship provides the opportunity of a lifetime - being able to flexibly experience the industry while studying is fantastic. As my first industry job, I am excited to work in government on projects across Victoria.

Emily Fambiatos: I was interested in the internship as it provides an opportunity to gain experience in multiple different departments. My degree (Urban and Regional Planning) is very broad, so trying to simplify it into just one area of work is difficult. I also liked the fact that the internship runs over two years as it allows time to develop strong working relationships. 

Tresa Steve Kandoth: As a penultimate Civil Engineering student, the intern program at Development Victoria caught my eye as it allows me to gain hands-on knowledge and exposure in delivering some of the state’s largest development projects.

Thomas Solarino: The diversity and size of the Development Victoria projects, as well as their significance within the community really drew me to the internship. The values that Development Victoria holds were also a major factor in my reason for applying, as they align with both my personal and professional aspirations and commitments.

Charity Yeboah: This intern program offers an incredible opportunity to get experience at all stages of development, from strategising to delivery, which is extremely helpful for a student deciding on a future career. Additionally, it is quite exciting to be working on projects state-wide that will be impactful now and for generations to come.

What are you hoping to get out of the Development Victoria internship program?

Elane Le: To convert the knowledge and theory I have learnt from university seamlessly into practice on various projects throughout the rotations.

Emily Fambiatos: Many things! I am hoping to put what I have learnt at university to good use, meet new people, learn new skills, and make meaningful contributions towards solving real-world issues. I am also hoping that this internship will help me to narrow down my areas of interest so that I can start to think about what career path will suit me best. 

Tresa Steve Kandoth: I would love to gain exposure in property and infrastructure, whilst also challenging myself with new concepts that push me out of my comfort zone. 

Thomas Solarino: I am hoping to build the bridge between my studies and the industry, with guidance and support from direct managers and the wider team. Furthermore, I am hoping to expose myself to a rich variety of both professional and practical skillsets through the rotations.

Charity Yeboah: I am looking forward to learning the behind-the-scenes work that happens to transform plans into a real-life infrastructure. 

Updated on 26 May 2023