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Shania Nagy a young woman wearing an orange hi-vis vest smiling at Bolte Precinct West

One of the best places to find the talent of tomorrow is in our universities today. For our 2022-23 intern program, we want to connect with students to boost their careers - and ensure the future of Victoria remains in safe hands.

We're looking for students studying property development, planning, construction, project management, engineering and architecture for our two-year intern program. The program offers a three-day (22.8-hour) flexible work week, to allow a balance with academic priorities.

Our interns get the opportunity to rotate through different specialisations within the organisation gaining exposure to every aspect of the property development lifecycle, from acquisition to delivery. We chatted to one of our 2020-21 interns to learn exactly what this experience is like.

Meet Shania Nagy.

How would describe your average day as a Development Coordinator? 

My days are filled with a range of responsibilities and tasks. During my time as a Development Coordinator, I have taken on various responsibilities through a project’s lifecycle and been exposed to a diverse range of tasks that have ultimately broaden my skill set and knowledge. 

What have you found to be the best part of the intern program? 

The people! Working across multiple projects and teams, I have established so many fantastic relationships, both internal and external. Rotating through the organisation and building these relationships has allows me to have a well-rounded perspective of the projects I have been working on. Additionally, the support from everyone within the organisation has motivated me to learn and embark on opportunities for growth.

Did anything surprise you about the intern program?

I was surprised at how much I could be exposed to - one project can teach you so much. I was also surprised by how passionate the people at Development Victoria are and their genuine interest in wanting to teach and support my development and learning. 

How would you describe the culture at Development Victoria?

The culture is collaborative, supportive, and rewarding. Regardless of the subject, someone is always willing to teach. Many times, I have reached out for assistance and if someone didn’t know the answer, they would work with me to find it.   

What advice would you give students who are considering applying for the 2022-23 program?

Come in with an open mind and take every challenge as an opportunity to grow and to learn. Most importantly, ask all the ‘dumb’ questions you can think of!   

Learn more about our upcoming intern program here.

Updated on 26 May 2023