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Riverwak Acoustic Wall Artist Impression

Planning is well underway for the construction of a new acoustic wall along the southern boundary of the Riverwalk estate (bordering the Princes Freeway), with an application now submitted to the Wyndham City Council for a planning permit.

The proposed Riverwalk acoustic wall has been designed by Melbourne-based award winning architects Wood Marsh Architecture, with landscape design prepared by Tract Consultants. This highly skilled team have worked on numerous recognisable freeway barriers including Eastlink, Geelong Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway extension.

The design for the acoustic wall provides an integrated and artistic solution for the structure, drawing inspiration from the culturally significant granite ridges of the You Yangs which rise above the Werribee Plain and are visible from the estate.

The acoustic wall will act as a barrier to lessen traffic noise and Development Victoria will also retain all of the trees bordering the freeway, providing an additional aesthetic buffer between the wall and the Princes Freeway.

There are also plans for planting of additional native species between the freeway and acoustic wall, further adding to the increased canopy and aesthetics of the area, while meeting the objectives of Wyndham City Council’s Forest and Habitat Strategy. We are looking forward to delivering this iconic wall for the Wyndham community and will be in touch with further information as we work towards delivery of the wall.

Note: in preparation for future plantings, there will be clearing taking place of fallen and decaying vegetation over the next few weeks.

Updated on 26 May 2023