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Valley Lake Estate is now a well-established, thriving community and we are pleased to share news on important works within the estate, in our community update.

In the update you'll find:

Cliff top pathway

We have appointed Multipro Civil Pty Ltd to deliver this highly anticipated project. Preliminary works to clear the site commenced in December 2021, and completion is expected by mid-2022, subject to weather and site conditions

Cliff Face Area B (adjacent Diorite Court)

We are continuing to work on plans to stabilise this area of the cliff face by creating a permanent concrete “layer” to the existing section of the cliff. The final design has been submitted to Council and we anticipate approval by late 2021 or early 2022. Once approved, we will start the process of procuring a contractor, with the proposed works anticipated to commence around March 2022.

There is also an update on Steele Creek Bridge, the former sales office site, the Eastern wetlands clean up and the landscaping works for the linear reserve between Knoll Place and Diorite Court.

Download the newsletter and read it in full here.

Updated on 26 May 2023