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Development Victoria is preparing to remove the western tip of Central Pier from Victoria Harbour in Docklands – ensuring the site’s safety and beginning the process of safely revitalising the historic Victorian dock.

The pier’s western tip has been inaccessible for several years after being deemed structurally unsound and requires a Heritage Victoria permit for its removal from the water.

Alongside the heritage permit process, Development Victoria will also begin a tender process to appoint a contractor to remove the western tip. No works will begin on the removal until all permits are approved.

Development Victoria is committed to ensuring a long-term future for Central Pier, which is an important heritage asset in the heart of Docklands.

The long-term planning for the Pier will involve extensive engagement with the community and key stakeholders to create a vision for Victoria Harbour and Central Pier as part of Docklands’ continued development.

Central Pier was permanently closed in early 2020 due to safety issues.

“The western tip of Central Pier has not been in use for approximately three years – and to ensure community safety, we are preparing to remove it from the water,” Geoff Ward, Group Head Precincts at Development Victoria said.

“We’ll continue working with Heritage Victoria, local business and the community on the long-term plans for Central Pier.”

Background Information

Next steps

Development Victoria will commence a procurement process alongside the Heritage Victoria permit process for the western tip, to ensure it is in a position to move quickly to demolish this part of the structure once the approval is in place.

A permit will be sought to remove the western tip. There is a risk that the western tip may collapse if it is not removed.

The procurement process will seek to appoint a demolition firm to be ready to commence removal works when the permit is approved by Heritage Victoria. No works will commence on the removal process until the permit is approved. The western tip of Central Pier was closed permanently in 2017. The main structure was subsequently closed in August 2019 following engineering advice.

The Pier and Victoria Harbour are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (#H1720).

Timeline for next phase

December 2020
  • Permit application for the western tip submitted to Heritage Victoria regarding the removal of the unsafe structure. Heritage Victoria to advertise application for comment.
  • Procurement of a contractor to undertake the permitted works for the removal of the western tip, once the permit is approved.
  • Development Victoria will run an extensive community engagement and stakeholder consultation program on the future vision for Victoria Harbour and Central Pier.
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Updated on 13 May 2024