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Renewing a landmark inner city site

Fitzroy Gasworks Site

The former Fitzroy Gasworks site is an important part of Fitzroy North’s industrial and social heritage.

The site is bordered by Smith Street, Alexandra Parade and Queens Parade, sits within an established community and is close to sustainable transport options.

The vision for the site is to create an urban village that includes new housing, a senior high school, a sports centre and open space.

Development Victoria has consulted with the local community and council and there will be opportunities for the community to provide more feedback as the project progresses, to get the best outcome for the site and neighbourhood.

The site has been rezoned as Mixed Use. This zoning provides an opportunity to create a fresh and vibrant mixed-use development with new homes, shops and offices. New community facilities and public open space are also being planned.

The location of the former Fitzroy Gasworks, along with its proximity to transport corridors, public transport, centres of economic activity and open space make it ideal for this type of development. Development Victoria is progressing the development of this site, including management of the site’s remediation.

Community engagement to date
Development Victoria has worked with the Fitzroy community to identify local priorities and aspirations and has sought to address these in the development.
Between 2016 and 2017, the community provided input about their aspirations for school and sports facilities, social housing, open space and community art among others. We also heard concerns about height and density, traffic, parking and the heritage of the site.
Our design team has taken account of this feedback to prepare a proposal that includes many of the aspirations raised by the community and seeks to address concerns through good design. 

In October 2019, the community provided feedback into the draft Development Plan via an online survey, several pop-up information sessions and 2 drop-in sessions which were held at the Edinburgh Gardens Community Room. 

The project team are now incorporating this feedback ahead of the formal submission of the Development Plan in 2020. 

Supporting documents used during the October engagement sessions include the project fact sheet and design boards

Watch the highlights of the October engagement sessions here


Final design is yet to take place, but the following elements are likely to be included:

  • 1,100 apartments, 20 per cent of which will be social/shared equity/affordable housing
  • a 650-student senior high school to provide extra capacity for students from Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School
  • a sports centre integrated with the school and catering for a range of sports
  • a community facility to be developed in consultation with council
  • all site car parking to be located underground, with bicycle parking above ground
  • eight per cent of the site to be offered as public open space, with additional open space associated with residential development 
  • adaptive reuse of the Valve House and relocation and restoration of the Porter Iron Store (subject to approval by Heritage Victoria)


The site is contaminated because of its former use as a gasworks and is subject to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Up Order. The removal of this contaminated soil is required to deliver a cleaner, safer environment for the people of Fitzroy North and future users of the proposed site.

Enviropacific have been appointed to complete remediation activities on site under the supervision of an EPA accredited auditor.

Phase 1 remediation work was undertaken in 2018 which included further investigation of the soil and the preparation of the site’s remediation action plan.

Phase 2 works began in April 2019. This involves the excavation of contaminated material down to a depth of up to 10 metres. The materials will then be removed off-site to an approved processing facility. All activities have been carefully planned to minimise noise and other disruptions. 
It is expected that remediation works would take approximately two years to complete.

For more information about the remediation process visit Enviropacific or email



Further information on the high school is available at the Victorian School Building Authority website.