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Key details

1136-1138 Nepean Highway, Highett

Policy objective
To deliver a diverse community that includes spaces to enhance lifestyle and benefit the local community. 


We have commenced planning for the future of the Highett Gasworks site at 1136-1138 Nepean Highway, Highett. Development Victoria is responsible for undertaking urban renewal, property development and major projects on behalf of the Victorian Government.

We are committed to working closely with the community to ensure any future development at Highett Gasworks achieves a balance of environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes.

We invite you to join a live webinar session in early December to learn about what we heard during the first phase of engagement.  Register here. You can also read the project fact sheet and the frequently asked question document.

Between 17 August and 18 September 2020, we sought feedback on key themes to gather community insights that will help the project team refine a preferred Development Plan for the site.

We are now carefully considering the feedback along with technical assessments to prepare a draft Development Plan.

Find out more about our upcoming community engagement activities and view the engagement platform

Our vision
Our vision is for Highett Gasworks to become home to a diverse community. Spaces will be intentionally designed to enhance lifestyle and benefit the local community as well as future residents of this iconic site.

We want to acknowledge the heritage of the site while bringing to life its residential potential. Since the closure of the Highett Gasworks, the 6.3-hectare site has been safely decontaminated and is ready for reuse. The site is mostly vacant, with a brick chimney being the only remaining part of the old gasworks.


6.3ha Project area

10% Affordable housing

Preparing a Development Plan

We are now preparing a Development Plan for the site. 

The Development Plan will provide increased clarity about future uses and development that can be expected on the site. All future planning permits approved for the site will need to comply with the Development Plan. The Development Plan, however, does not determine specifics such as detailed architectural design or construction details.

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  • Mid-2019: Site rezoned by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF).  Read more here
  • August: Community Engagement (Phase 1) opens - testing key themes
  • September: Community Engagement (Phase 1) closes
  • November-December: Community Engagement (Phase 2) - Refinement of the preferred Development Plan.
  • Early 2021: Community Engagement (Phase 3) - Public exhibition of the Development Plan and submission of the Development Plan
  • 2023: Construction beings

Community Engagement

Phase one community engagement
Thank you to those who participated in the first phase of engagement for the Highett Gasworks between 17 August and 18 September 2020.

We asked the community for feedback on key themes to help shape the Development Plan for the Highett Gasworks site. Participants were able to share their feedback by completing a survey or attending one of the five online sessions. 

If you were unable to attend one of the online sessions and interested in learning more about what was discussed, you can view the presentation. The presentation included an overview of Development Victoria, project background and the themes the team explored to gather feedback. 
You can also read the full engagement report.

Reporting back to the community on what we heard
We invite you to join a live webinar session to learn about what we heard during the first phase of engagement: 
  • Thursday 3 December, 6.00pm-7.00pm
  • Saturday 5 December, 10.00am-11.00am

This webinar will be recorded and shared if you can’t join us live. There were some questions that were frequently asked across all session. We’ve included these and the answers in the Community Sessions Frequently Asked Questions Summary. You can also find out what we heard during the first phase of engagement by reading the project fact sheet.

Contact us

Email or call the project team on (03) 9021 0601 with your questions and feedback. 

Read the project fact sheet

Community Engagement update - May 2020

Development Victoria is committed to and values community engagement on our projects.  While our preference where possible is for face to face consultation, we are currently undertaking all engagement activities online. This is consistent with the Victorian Government’s public gathering restrictions in consideration of the safety and well-being of the community and our team. This applies across all Development Victoria projects until further notice.