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Key details

Main Drive, Kew VIC

Policy objective
Re-housing people living with disabilities and protection of heritage sites

Department of Health and Human Services


The site of this redevelopment is the former Kew Residential Services facility, which provided accommodation and support services for people with intellectual disabilities from the late 1880s to about 2005.

The $400 million project involves the redevelopment of the former Kew Cottages facility into a high-quality housing development. 

It includes 20 community homes for 100 former residents of Kew Residential Services with intellectual disabilities, and more than 260 private dwellings.

These works represent an important investment in the current and future needs of people living with a disability.

A further 73 off-site houses were also delivered as part of the project by the Department of Human Services and the Office of Housing.

These works are governed by a project development agreement between the State, represented by Development Victoria, and the Kew Development Corporation Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Walker Corporation.


The site is being progressively redeveloped as a low-density high-quality residential estate that integrates special needs and private housing with extensive public open space.

27ha project area

261 private houses

20 homes for people living with disabilities

3 heritage buildings restored


The Kew Residential services redevelopment is located at Main Drive, Kew.


In addition to the new housing, three former institutional buildings that comprise the site's Heritage Core have also been restored in accordance with the requirements of a heritage permit, and have been sold as 'cold shells' ready for conversion to new residences.

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Updated on 11 October 2021