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Enhancing Dandenong as a great place to live, work and visit

Revitalising Central Dandenong


The Revitalising Central Dandenong (RCD) initiative was announced in 2006 by the Victorian Government as a $290 million revitalisation project. The 15 to 20-year project is expected to attract more than $1.2 billion in private sector investment, while creating 5000 jobs and enhancing Dandenong’s appeal as a place to live, work and visit. 

Around $700 million has been invested to date to rejuvinate  and re-establish Dandenong’s city centre as the capital of Melbourne’s growing south east region. Development Victoria is working in partnership with the City of Greater Dandenong, state government agencies and the private sector to achieve the vision for the RCD initiative.

Key facts 

  • Project area: 7 hectares (Declared project area: 170 hectares) 
  • Development timeframe: 15-20 years
  • Forecast private investment: $1.2 billion

Several key projects are now complete or underway, and consist of new residential, commercial and community projects. The RCD initiative is being delivered by Development Victoria in partnership with the City of Greater Dandenong, government agencies and the private sector.

Why Revitalising Central Dandenong

Dandenong was traditionally the social and economic centre of Melbourne’s south east, however during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, competition from newer neighbouring areas resulted in reduced investment in retail, entertainment, and amenity infrastructure. As such, this decline in investment saw central Dandenong lose the standing it once had.

The Revitalising Central Dandenong initiative is overcoming these challenges by investing in supporting infrastructure and key projects to encourage new development and job-creating economic activity in the area.

Dandenong’s strategic location close to existing road and rail infrastructure provides a unique opportunity to enhance its role in the region. With Dandenong at its heart, Melbourne’s south- east region:

  • Produces almost half of Victoria’s manufacturing output 
  • Is home to more than one million people
  • Is home to one in every three jobs in Melbourne  

Key statistics

Over its 15 to 20-year lifespan, the initiative aims to re-establish central Dandenong as the capital of Melbourne’s south east by:

  • Generating $1.2 billion in private sector investment
  • Creating 5000 jobs;
  • Delivering 4000 homes. 

Since the project’s inception:

  • More than 1800 jobs have been created;
  • Dandenong is home to a further 830 residents;
  • The project has attracted more than $700 million in private investment to date;
  • Nearly 40 per cent of land has been developed, is under construction or contracted for development;
  • This project has delivered a key road connection – Stockmans Bridge – which provides an east-west link from Cheltenham Road to the Dandenong CBD;

Working in partnership