Development Victoria

621 Burwood Highway, Knoxfield


About the project

Development Victoria has acquired a 19.2ha development site in Knoxfield located at the corner of Burwood Highway and Scoresby Road, Knoxfield. The site was formerly used as a Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) horticultural research facility. 

Recently, the site has been rezoned to a Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ) enabling the delivery of a residential and mixed-use development supporting the growing population of the Knox City municipality. 

The site is expected to deliver a diverse range of housing options close to jobs, services and transport ranging from the provision of medium density townhouses, detached housing and land lots. The site also offers mixed-use development opportunities to benefit local residents, businesses and the wider community. 

Construction timelines are subject to a range of approvals and were originally anticipated to start in early 2020. Construction works are now expected to commence in late 2020, following community engagement and a range of approvals.

The future wetlands

Central to the new development will be an improved wetland area with enhanced habitat for the threatened Blue-billed duck. Once this is established, the existing dam on the site – sometimes referred to as “Lake Knox” – will be partially filled in via a staged construction process. 

We acknowledge local concerns about our plans to remove the existing dam, but a recent assessment determined:

  • The dam is structurally unsound and at risk of collapse within two years.
  • The current dam does not provide for stormwater treatment and water retardation. As such untreated stormwater is currently flowing directly into the Blind Creek corridor and there is a flood risk to the adjacent light industrial area, which is lower than the dam. 
  • The dam is very deep with steep banks. If someone were to fall in, they would likely be in danger as it would be very difficult for them to get out easily and safely.

The new wetland will:

  • Provide enhanced habitat for the threatened Blue-billed duck and will result in a better overall environmental outcome for the future residents of the area.
  • Provide a range of settling, sediment and water retention ponds to treat stormwater, mitigate flooding and protect Blind Creek.

We hope to set up a Wetland Working Group to help inform and guide the development of the new wetlands.

Further information and register for updates

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