Development Victoria

Redeveloping a former City West Water site

Sunshine North

About the project

Located approximately 13km west of Melbourne, the Sunshine North site was acquired by Development Victoria in November 2015 and settled in November 2016, following rezoning of the land to allow for a mix of homes, shops and other services. The 12.5-hectare site is bound by Stony Creek, industrial zoned vacant land, St Albans Road and the Western Ring Road.

Development Victoria has worked with the local council and community to develop a master plan for the redevelopment. The development will offer a diverse range of housing types, catering for a range of family sizes and price points. There will also be walking and cycling paths that will connect to existing paths and local reserves, as well as the potential for community areas, such as a central park and an urban plaza.

A Development Plan was submitted to Brimbank City Council in late 2017 with approval achieved in February 2019.

The Stage 1 Planning Permit Application was lodged to Council in May 2019.

Demolition works of the former City West Water buildings were completed in 2017. The remaining building fronting onto St Albans Road is heritage listed with a future use to be determined once construction of Stage One housing has commenced.

Stage One civil works are anticipated to commence in mid-2020.

Stony Creek transformation

A section of the existing Stony Creek concrete channel is being revitalised to transform it into a natural state, which will create an additional open space for the community as well as a walking and cycling path. This will occur along the entire eastern boundary of the site and will be accessible by future residents of the development.

This project is a partnership project between Brimbank City Council, Melbourne Water, City West Water, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, GreenFleet and Development Victoria. Brimbank City Council are the project managers with Development Victoria assisting to project manage the civil works.

Further information on the project can be found here.

Community engagement

Development Victoria engages with communities and stakeholders to ensure our projects are informed by the needs and expectations of the local community. 

We believe that local knowledge adds value to our projects.  

In late 2016, a range of community engagement activities were held for the Sunshine North development to provide information and generate feedback. These activities included an information session, an update on the Development Victoria website, online advertising, a letterbox drop and an online survey.

The community engagement activities were undertaken to support Development Victoria’s development plan which was then submitted to Brimbank City Council in late 2017.

Key issues raised by the community included:

  • concerns the development would increase traffic;
  • the management of grasslands to prevent bushfires;
  • traffic noise from the Western Ring Road; and
  • population impacts on the local primary school. 

Development Victoria provided responses to these issues with support from the project’s consultant team.  Overall, there were no major concerns raised.

Read the summary engagement report here.

Sales information 

A Registration of Interest campaign is anticipated to occur in late 2019, and will commence approximately four weeks prior to the sales launch. Information will be provided on this page in coming months, allowing interested buyers to register their details.