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Central Pier to remain closed until January 2020

Engineers have advised that it will take approximately 15 weeks to undertake a detailed assessment of Central Pier.

The detailed assessment will include an inspection of each of the 1,300 piles underneath the pier by divers and load testing on the top of the pier.

The businesses operating on the pier will not be able to return until this assessment has been completed.

The extent of the work and the time required to repair the pier will only be known once the detailed assessment has been completed.

A safety protocol is now in place to allow divers and contractors to access the pier and businesses to remove items. Access is limited to 20 people at a time under supervised conditions.

Quotes attributable to a Development Victoria spokesperson: 

“Our engineering consultants have advised that it will take approximately 15 weeks to undertake a full assessment of the pier to determine what repair work is required.”

“A decision about the future of the pier will only be made once a full assessment has been provided by the dive team and specialist marine engineers.”

“We know how much this affects people’s businesses, jobs and events but the safety of people working on and using the pier has to be our number one priority.”

“A detailed assessment of Central Pier by our engineering consultants is underway on a priority basis.” 

“Development Victoria has acted in good faith and in accordance with the terms of the Central Pier lease.  Any legal action will be defended.”

Updated on 13 May 2024