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Making Victoria a great place to live

Development Victoria works in partnership with the public and private sectors to design and deliver major civic projects, property development (both residential and commercial) and urban renewal projects on behalf of the Victorian Government.

We revitalise public buildings, develop precincts, and create new homes that make Victoria a great place in which to live, work and play. 

Our role

With a diverse portfolio covering residential, commercial and public land and buildings, we aim to:

  • Manage and advise on property development, including government declared projects
  • Revitalise land and buildings – creating legacy projects that shape the future while celebrating the past
  • Develop healthy and affordable homes
  • Enhance environments and enrich communities in the areas we work in
  • Provide opportunity for struggling Victorians to get onto the property ladder
  • Offer advisory services for government agencies to support social and economic capital works projects
  • Complete the development of the Docklands area in Melbourne

We are guided by five policy pillars


With Victoria’s population estimated to reach 10 million by 2050, Development Victoria is responsible for delivering housing solutions to support our growing population.

We facilitate affordable and diverse housing projects across Melbourne and Victoria and manage the delivery of medium and high-density developments — identifying opportunities for housing delivery in places close to jobs, transport and services.

Economic development

We revitalise major activity centres and urban precincts to stimulate economic activity and improve access to jobs.

By designing and delivering projects that offer:

  • increased economic growth
  • job opportunities
  • use of local companies
  • commercial opportunities
  • improved workforce participation

For example, the Revitalising Central Dandenong project consists of commercial, residential, retail, medical and education services, and public open spaces.

Urban renewal

Development Victoria’s urban renewal work supports the Victorian Government’s policies on population growth, housing affordability, environmental sustainability and economic development.

Urban renewal is land redevelopment that creates opportunities in under-utilised areas. This can involve rezoning land to improve an area’s amenity for jobs, investment and housing, as well as transport and infrastructure needs. 

Development Victoria is currently leading several large multi-stage urban renewal projects across Victoria, such as Docklands and GMH Fishermans Bend, Junction Place in Wodonga and Revitalising Central Dandenong. 

Value capture and creation

The Value Capture and Creation Framework was developed by the Victorian Government to ensure that all building infrastructure creates a greater public value.

It promotes a consistent approach to increasing the economic, social and environmental benefits of all investments across a variety of sectors in Victoria.

This means when building infrastructure or developing precincts, Development Victoria needs to consider how to:

  • Build green spaces to increase public amenity
  • Grow community services, housing and education opportunities
  • Create more value for the community

For example, the Melbourne Park Redevelopment contributes over $350 million to the Victorian economy annually, with world-class events like the Australian Open.

Social and economic infrastructure

We're leading projects to create cultural, recreational and civic facilities that enrich our communities. Economic benefits are created by designing infrastructure projects that create future commercial and job opportunities, as well as using local companies and expertise to deliver these projects.

The benefits of this policy include:

  • Increased affordable housing
  • Access to jobs and facilities
  • Public safety
  • Recreational infrastructure, including bike paths and parks
  • Connectivity 
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Improved workforce participation