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At Development Victoria, we create places for people.

We’re a government agency partnering with industry and communities to transform ambitious ideas into reality.

We balance community needs with commercial discipline – and our experience shows that sustainable, liveable places deliver the best long-term return for all.

We reimagine iconic places like the Melbourne Arts Precinct and State Basketball Centre to transform them for future generations.

We develop entire precincts like Docklands and Fitzroy Gasworks, unlocking public land to create connected, sustainable places where people can live, work play and thrive.

We create vibrant communities that enrich the local area with affordable housing, outdoor spaces and community facilities tailored to meet local needs.

Together, we deliver places that make a genuine difference to the people of Victoria.

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At a glance

We have a long and proud history of delivering places that make a genuine difference to the people of Victoria. We were established on 1 April 2017 when Places Victoria merged with Major Projects Victoria and became Development Victoria.

As Development Victoria, we are continuing to deliver residential communities and state-shaping projects right across Victoria. In the 2022-2023 finance year alone we:

  • Reached practical completion of Galkangu - Bendigo GovHub.
  • Kicked off works at Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Event Centre, Werribee Open Range Zoo redevelopment, Melbourne Arts Precinct Transformation and the soccer facilities at Templestowe Road.
  • Sold 21% of homes to those on incomes eligible for affordable housing - giving more Victorians the opportunity to own their home.
  • Announced another 600 jobs as part of Stage two of the Ballarat West Employment Zone (BWEZ).

Our Policy Pillars

Development Victoria is shaping the way Victorians live. We develop and revitalise public buildings and land to create spaces and homes that help make Victoria a great place to live. Our work is guided by five policy pillars:

  • Housing - we promote and deliver diverse and affordable housing solutions, making home ownership possible for more Victorians.
  • Economic development - we deliver projects that drive economic growth, recognising the pivotal role of well-planned infrastructure in job creation and regional prosperity.
  • Urban renewal - we transform urban areas by planning and developing strategic precincts, breathing new life into communities and elevating quality of life.
  • Value capture and creation - we maximise public asset value following the Value Creation and Capture Framework, ensuring that all building infrastructure creates a greater public value.
  • Social and economic infrastructure - we deliver crucial social and economic infrastructure, enriching lives and fostering connections.

Providing places for people to call home

We help to make home ownership possible for more Victorians by increasing housing supply and affordability in places where people actually want to live.

We create vibrant communities like Aurora and Riverwalk that enrich the local area with diverse and affordable homes, outdoor spaces and community facilities tailored to meet local needs.

We collaborate with the public, local community groups and Traditional Owners to help shape our work – so we can deliver fit-for-purpose homes and genuinely liveable communities.

Revitalising major activity centres and urban precincts

We revitalise major activity centres and urban precincts to stimulate economic activity, create new jobs and breathe new life into an area.

Through projects such as Revitalising Central Dandenong, we boost an area’s commercial, residential, retail, medical and education services, as well as public open spaces.

We have a strong track record of delivering urban renewal projects, which often involve rezoning land to improve an area’s amenity for jobs, investment, and housing, as well as transport and infrastructure needs.

We’re currently leading large multi-stage urban renewal projects across Victoria, such as Docklands, Fishermans Bend Innovation Precinct and Junction Place in Wodonga.

Preserving Victoria’s iconic places

We reimagine some of Victoria's most iconic buildings such as Flinders Street Station and the State Library, to ensure they preserved for future generations.

We are currently delivering the transformation of the Melbourne Arts Precinct and Fitzroy Gasworks Sports Centre on behalf of the Victorian government, helping to attract visitors, create jobs and establish new creative and sporting spaces in the heart of the city.

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Updated on 13 May 2024