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Key details

Epping/Wollert, Victoria
Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country

Policy objective
Affordability, Sustainability, Environmental protection rejuvenation and enhancement

Project partners

City of Whittlesea
Yarra Valley Water
Environment Protection Authority
Aurora Community Association

Statement regarding Kangaroos on Edgars Road

  • Development Victoria is working closely with the City of Whittlesea, the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) and Wildlife Victoria to help manage the presence of kangaroos near the recently opened section of Edgars Road.
  • The safety of the community and the well-being of local wildlife are key priorities for Development Victoria at this time and we are taking some immediate steps, as well as longer term action to help manage the situation
  • All options are being considered to ensure the safety of the kangaroos and drivers in the area, as well as ensuring that local community are protected.
  • Development Victoria has installed temporary fencing which will help prevent the Kangaroos from venturing onto the road.
  • Subsequent fencing will be installed to ensure the kangaroos are safely and progressively encouraged off the site towards the undeveloped land to the west of Edgars Rd. This will be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified ecologist, and once all the relevant approvals have been secured.
  • To help manage the situation into the future, Development Victoria is developing a Kangaroo Management Plan (KMP) for the area, which will provide a comprehensive assessment of the issue and provide recommendations for the future management of Kangaroos at Aurora.
  • In accordance with expert advice, permanent yellow warning signs have been installed along Edgars Road, alerting drivers to the presence of kangaroos, and advising that they exercise caution while driving through the area. There are also signs along the road advising drivers of a phone number to call if they become aware of injured wildlife. 



Aurora is a well-established, master planned community located 25kms from Melbourne over the established suburb of Epping and thriving Wollert.

Home to over 7,000 people, Aurora is serviced by numerous schools, child care and community centres, parks and gardens.

Development Victoria delivered approximately 2,000 affordable and diverse housing opportunities between 2005 to 2016 – all located within walking distance to the Aurora Town Centre, schools, open space and public transport.

Aurora, is one of the most sustainable housing development of its kind in Australia, with many leading edge environmental design elements, including 6-Star energy designed homes and Class A recycled water delivered to every home. Aurora's 6-Star energy designed homes could save up to 5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

The Habitas - Aurora residential development in Wollert is the latest accommodation offering, providing 89 new homes for the region - all at affordable price points for Victorian home buyers. All homes will incorporate sustainability initiatives such as recycled water, solar hot water, LED lighting, and minimum 6-star rating with passive solar design. For more information about Habitas, visit the Habitas Aurora website.

Aurora has an abundance of parks and green open spaces, including numerous sporting courts, ovals, playgrounds and exercise stations. The natural surrounds of Edgars Creek create the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll or ride along nearby trails, all of which are within walking distance from residential areas.

In 2021, we completed Edgars Creek Reserve - a 1.1 hectare park including extensive recreational and playground equipment, featuring shared paths, picnic tables, a fitness node, swings, trampolines and a flying fox. Edgars Creek was also rejuvenated as part of this project, and a pedestrian bridge connects residents to the west of the creek with the reserve, and the Aurora Town Centre.

A major transport corridor runs through the Aurora site, reserved for a future train line. A bus service also runs through the development, offering convenient public transport options for residents.

In mid 2023, we completed the final section of Edgars Road, between Rockfield Street and O’Herns Road, providing locals and surrounding communities easier access to retail, parks, schools and more. Connecting Edgars Road also provided residents with safe, quick and easy access to the newly completed Hume Freeway Interchange.

The first stage of the Aurora Northern Town Centre is complete and includes two major supermarkets, the Galada Community Centre, specialty retail shops, community and medical facilities and car parking.

Further expansion of the Aurora Northern Town Centre is planned within the next five years, and will include greater retail and commercial amenity, to ensure that residents don’t need to travel far for their daily needs.

Planning for a Business Park within Aurora is also underway, which will deliver further jobs and economic development opportunities for the local area.


630ha project area

2,000 homes

7,000 residents

25.2ha open space

Construction Update May 2023



Development Plan one approved 


Development commenced 


Creeds Park precinct opens for first residents 

First primary school opens 


Development Plan two approved

Won ATUG (Australian Telecommunications Users Group) Award for Broadband Excellence

Won UDIA Environmental Excellence Award  


Won Banksia Award for Built Environment

Won Property Council of Australia for Sustainable Development



Tennis courts open


Won AILA (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects) 2012 for Conservation Management 


Developed 2,000 lots (since commencing in 2005)

Sale of 410 hectares of land at Epping North at Aurora Estate to Lendlease 


Northern Town Centre opens

Galada Community Centre opens



Early: Harvest Home Primary School opens

Late: Edgars Rd North connection opens


Early: Edgars Creek Secondary College 


Early: Aurora Town Centre Park opens 


Mid: Habitas sales commenced

Late: Edgars Creek Reserve completed

Late: O’Herns Rd Freeway Interchange opens

Late: Edgars Rd Works commence


Late: Habitas civil works commence 


Early: First Habitats settlements expected to occur

August: Edgars Rd works complete

Late: Master planning of Stage 2 of Habitas residential development begins


Early: Habitats townhouse construction expected to commence

Late: First Habitas residents move in


Early: Koukoura Drive completed, providing faster access to the Hume Highway.

Mid: Final Habitas homes to be completed 


Works on a new linear park commence 


Since the project began in 2005 we’ve helped deliver:

  • 2,000 Residential Lots
  • Northern Town Centre
  • 20 parks and playgrounds
  • 8 childcares
  • 3 primary schools
  • 1 Secondary school
  • 2 Community Centres – Creeds Farm Living and Learning Centre
  • 25.2 hectares of Open Space
  • 68.5 hectares of Protected Conservation Reserves
  • Over 5 kilometres of walking and Cycling Paths
  • 9 Exercise Stations
  • Supported delivery for two of Aurora’s three schools
  • Recycled Water Infrastructure
  • Two direct freeway interchanges
  • Harvest Home Road Upgrade
  • Edgars Road (Ongoing)

Priority Access

To help more Victorians buy their own home, we now offer eligible buyers exclusive access to affordable high-quality properties. This means households earning up to $150,030 have a 7-day priority access period during which they can make a purchase before homes are made available to the general public, or exclusive access to properties created specifically for their price range. Find out more on the Habitas website.


Development Victoria developed the master plan for Aurora over 20 years ago (when we were known as Places Victoria) which involved extensive stakeholder engagement with a strong focus on community development and securing essential community infrastructure.

Aurora was designed to raise the benchmark within the property development industry by demonstrating new and innovative ways to manage our finite resources and reduce greenhouse emissions. It was envisioned that Aurora would be a pioneer in the reuse of water and energy efficiency.

The goal of Aurora is to push continuously toward more sustainable land, community and built form outcomes. The initiatives that Aurora implements today will continue to evolve and change over time as new technology allows us to improve our practices. Development Victoria is confident that Aurora will be a model development for the future, both now and through its life.


Aurora was the first greenfield development of its size to mandate 6-star energy efficiency to all homes and incorporate minimum sustainability initiatives, leading the way for the implementation of these standards in Victoria. These include:

  • Water sensitive urban design using swales and rain gardens in streetscapes and public reserves
  • Regeneration and enhancement of Edgars Creek waterway throughout the development
  • Fibre to the Home (FTTH) infrastructure to approximately 1,500 homes, providing high speed internet services
  • Third (purple) pipe infrastructure, delivering recycled water to all homes and public amenities
  • Habitat conservation and enhancement of endangered and protected flora and fauna
  • Solar power infrastructure to parklands
  • Passive solar design to maximise natural resources and reduce energy consumption in homes
  • Solar hot water systems to all homes
  • 4 and 5-star heating, cooling and appliances, and AAA efficient water fixtures to homes

The Aurora project was instrumental in the development of an industry-wide Sustainable Community Rating tool, which was developed in partnership with the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Property Council of Australia and the Municipal Association of Victoria.

A key sustainable feature of Aurora is its recycled water system. Aurora is the first development of its kind to incorporate wastewater recycling and reuse as well as internal household water management.  Wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries is collected from all homes and treated through a local sewerage plant to Class A standard, as defined by the EPA. From there it is directed through a third pipe back to homes for toilet flushing, garden watering and car washing.

An extensive network of public open space and passive recreational areas within the development are irrigated using the recycled water.  


  • AILA (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects) 2012 for Conservation Management ATUG 
  • Banksia Award 2008 for Built Environment
  • Property Council of Australia 2008 for Sustainable Development
  • (Australian Telecommunications Users Group) 2007 for Broadband Excellence
  • UDIA Environmental Excellence Award 2007


        The Aurora development is located near Epping, north-east of Melbourne. Edgars Road runs through the estate and provides a vital link to O'Herns Road and Hume Freeway.

        Development Victoria acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the Traditional Custodians of the land now named Aurora. 

        Who to contact about this project

        For more information, or to receive updates about this development visit the Habitas Aurora website.

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        Updated on 18 September 2023