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We're committed to continually enhancing the experience of all our people and as part of this, we've established our first Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP).

Through our plan, we hope that our partnerships with stakeholders and suppliers also be positively impacted by our ethos and commitment to gender equality, such that they too can benefit and proudly share in our collective achievements and advancements. Ultimately, the outcomes will be most evident in the projects we lead and the places that we create for our Victorian communities. 

Our Gender Equality Action Plan

Our first GEAP, reflects deeply on where our efforts need to be most focussed in order to leverage the progress that we’ve already made. In doing so we have identified four key strategic goals of our GEAP. The key areas that shaped our strategy and action plans include:

  • leadership, culture and behaviours
  • policies, procedures and systems
  • recruitment, reward and recognition
  • data and research
  • communication monitoring, evaluation and feedback

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Updated on 24 August 2022