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Development Victoria acknowledges that all the work we do is on First Peoples Country.

We recognise our responsibility as a landowner, developer and agency of the State Government of Victoria to play a central role in the reconciliation process with Traditional Owners and First Peoples in Victoria.

Our first Reflect RAP supported us in making progress towards reconciliation through relationship building with Traditional Owner groups across Victoria, developing the capability of our team to respectfully engage with First Peoples’ communities and enhancing internal processes, including procurement and employment. But there is more for us to do. 

Our Innovate RAP will help us to raise the level of our commitment to genuine partnerships with Traditional Owner groups on their Country, embed new ways of working and enhance our capability across the organisation to support meaningful outcomes.

Artwork: Yinga Biik Birranga-ga (Sing land and Country) 

Steve Ulula Parker is a Boon Wurrung, Yorta Yorta and Erub artist. His artwork “Yinga Biik Birranga-ga” represents the Victorian coastline, including our two great bays Nairm / Port Phillip Bay and Murranbik / Western Port Bay, rendered in warm ochre. 

The circle motifs in the artwork represent the meeting places and campfires of Victoria’s 40+ Aboriginal language groups, each connected with Songlines. The Kulin creator spirits Bundjil the eagle and Waa the crow can be seen reflected in the warreeny / sea. 

Our vision for reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is to have trusted partnerships with First Peoples that guide the creation of places and communities that reflect the values, cultures and aspirations of Victorian Traditional Owners.

We commit to improving the cultural safety of our organisation to increasingly attract and retain First Peoples team members at every level of the organisation. We will continually elevate the capability of our team members to deeply listen to, understand, collaborate with and celebrate First Peoples’ ways of knowing, being and doing.

We will seek out opportunities to partner with Traditional Owner groups for the Country on which we work, and we will give our people the tools and time to deliver the outcomes First Peoples communities are seeking. We will learn by listening and doing. 

We will be responsive to the needs and preferences of these Traditional Owner groups and invite them to self-determine what successful partnerships and meaningful outcomes look like for them. 

Our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

We have now commenced implementation of our Innovate RAP (November 2023 – November 2025). This RAP outlines a series of actions and deliverables that will help us shift our vision to reality.

Beyond this Innovate RAP, the Victoria Government supports commitment and action from all levels of government to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart.   

For more information about the RAP contact us.


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Updated on 02 November 2023