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Delivering housing diversity and affordability

Development Victoria is committed to making our state a better place to live – now and for generations to come.

We know that buying a new home is well out of reach for many Victorians, with prices rising dramatically over several decades. Many Victorians are struggling to break into the housing market or find a rental property that meets their needs.

That’s why we are developing communities built on diversity, offering homes of varying size and price to cater for different lifestyles and budgets. 

As the Victorian Government’s property developer, we are committed to ensuring there are more options for people who want to buy or rent. We help make home ownership and long-term rental possible for more Victorians. 

To do this, we aim to offer at least a quarter of the homes we build to households that earn less than $132,030 per year, giving more people the opportunity to live where they want to be – at prices they can afford.

Diverse, sustainable and connected communities

Finding the right place to live is about more than just the house itself, which is why we build homes where they’re needed most and where there are already good services such as transport, jobs and schools.

Our goal is to create vibrant places that enrich the local area with diverse and affordable homes, outdoor spaces and community facilities tailored to meet local needs.

To achieve this, we look at the whole picture.

Every neighborhood is different, so we work together with the community, government and industry to understand local priorities and how we can address them.

Our projects and homes range from contemporary and affordable apartments in inner-Melbourne, to land and townhouses in emerging suburbs and regions.

Some features are a given when it comes to our developments – like high-quality and affordable homes, ready access to green space, and an emphasis on sustainability (which means our homes are cheaper to run too).

And other projects are unique – like at Fitzroy North, where we’re revitalising the old gasworks site into an urban village, with new homes, a sports centre, open space and even a high school. There will be something for everyone. 

We are proud of our history of establishing and building communities, and are committed to making Victoria an even better place, for everyone. 

Exclusive offers

To help more Victorians buy their own home, we now offer eligible buyers exclusive access to affordable high-quality properties.

Households earning up to $132,030 per year can qualify for a range of offers, including priority access to homes before they’re listed on the open market. 

Find out about our latest offers and how to apply

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Exclusive affordable home offers

To help more Victorians buy their own home, we now offer eligible buyers exclusive access to affordable high-quality properties. 

This means households earning up to $132,030 per year have the opportunity to purchase affordable homes before they’re made available to the open market, or exclusive access to properties that have been created specifically for their price range. 

What offers are currently available?

Priority Access

For each sales release at Olio Officer and Habitas Aurora, eligible buyers have a 7 day priority access period during which time they can make a purchase, before homes are made available to the general public.  

Am I eligible?

These offers are open to you if you meet all the following criteria:
  • Your household annual gross income is up to:
Single $62,860
Couple $94,300
Family $132,030
  • You intend to live in your new home as your principal place of residence.
  • At least one of the purchasers is an Australian resident.

How do I apply?

To apply for an affordable home offer, follow these steps:

  1. Check that you meet all the above criteria and complete the online registration of interest.  

  2. Once you’ve successfully registered, you will receive an email invitation to make an appointment with a member of our team at our Sales Office or online. You will need to bring along the following documents to the appointment, so they can be reviewed to confirm your eligibility:
    • Australian Taxation Office notice of assessment for the prior year for each purchaser, to verify your gross household income
    • Passport or birth certificate to verify that you, or at least one purchaser, is an Australian citizen or permanent resident
    • Completed statutory declaration (a copy of this will be included in the email).

  3. Once your eligibility has been validated you will receive an email confirmation. This means you’re approved and ready to buy. Sales to eligible purchasers will be made on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

  4. Check out the current offers to find the home that’s right for you and contact the relevant sales representative. The representative will take you through the process to buy your home. Don’t forget to mention you’re eligible to participate in an exclusive offer. 

  5. Once you’ve decided on the right property, complete and sign the paperwork for your new home!


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Updated on 17 December 2021