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Tyson Burkett - A place for people image

The opportunity to work on a diverse portfolio of housing projects across Melbourne was the lure for Tyson Burkett to join the Development Victoria housing team in 2021.

Stepping into the role as Senior Development Manager also offered the ability to jump back into a dynamic team environment, and Tyson’s contribution to the team was quickly recognised as he impressed those around him. This led to him being promoted recently to a Development Director within the Housing Group.

In his new position, Tyson is eager to translate his learnings from intricate team dynamics into helping shape how the Housing Group works together. 

“The Senior Development Manager role not only allowed me to further build my understanding of the property development lifecycle but also gave me the opportunity to grow my people management skills which I’m able to take into my new role,” Tyson said, reflecting on his journey over the past two years.

“I look forward to elevating my involvement and skills from a project level to a wider strategic approach as part of the Housing Group Leadership Team.”

As a Senior Development Manager, Tyson engaged with an array of stakeholders, both internally and externally, further enriching his experience and perspective.

“Our projects are successful because of the commitment of everyone involved, especially our internal stakeholder groups – sustainability, strategy, marketing, communications, and finance”

“Development Management is a dynamic career offering exposure to every aspect of the development project lifecycle – from inception to delivery” Tyson said. 

“The built-form projects that Development Victoria is working on are unique in that they are typically middle-ring, strategically located sites in more established areas.” 

“This provided for a challenging environment to deliver projects which would help to build my skill, competency and experience.”

Tyson’s story highlights the commitment we have at Development Victoria to not just create places for people, but also be an organisation where people can thrive in their careers.

Tyson is one of our many talented employees who has recently received a promotion and is a testament to our dedication to supporting our team's professional development and providing them with the opportunities to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

There are many great ways we support our employees including study support, an internal mentoring program, access to industry memberships and networking events, alongside amazing opportunities to step into leadership roles within our team.  

Updated on 13 September 2023