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Flinders Street Station’s historic Degraves and Elizabeth Street subways will undergo their biggest makeover in more than 100 years as part of the Victorian Government’s improvements at Victoria’s busiest station.

Heritage facelift and improvements to Degraves Street and Elizabeth Street subways will improve security, accessibility and comfort, making it easier for passengers to navigate between platforms.

Upgrades include cleaning and restoration of the heritage tiles, lighting improvements and replacement of the metal partition fencing down the centre of Elizabeth Street underpass with a glazed pedestrian screen.

Passenger flow will also improve in and out of the Degraves Street subway, with the number of myki gates doubled to eight and additional myki gates installed at the Flinders Street entry to the underpass.

These works are part of the Victorian Government’s $100 million upgrade which is protecting the station’s beloved heritage and includes installing new and upgraded passenger information displays throughout the station. 

Flinders Street Station will be the first station across the metropolitan network to feature signage and information screens where each line has its own colour for easier navigation.

Some vending machines and kiosks will also be relocated or removed to create more space for passengers and increase seating.

The next phase of upgrades coincides with the opening to the new Yarra River Entrance providing a direct link from Southbank’s Riverside Walk to Platform 10.

The additional entrance will ease congestion through the Elizabeth Street subway and improve access to the main concourse from this side of the station.

Updated on 26 May 2023