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The Victorian Government’s $64 million investment into the State Netball and Hockey Centre Redevelopment in Parkville is pumping up women’s and girls’ leadership and participation in sport.

Being delivered by Development Victoria, the redevelopment will provide six new indoor netball courts, an indoor hockey facility and upgrades to amenities and operational infrastructure. It is set to be completed in late 2021.

From grass roots to elite level
The upgrade will cement the Parkville venue as the home for netball and hockey in Victoria.

The State Netball and Hockey Centre will cater for international elite athletes and competition, as well as being a hub for athlete development, major sport programs, sector education programs, and sports administration – providing encouragement and opportunity for the thousands of girls and women using the venue every week.

Making Parkville more about women
In the past, sporting facilities have been designed primarily to meet the needs of male participants. With women representing 80 per cent of the 500,000 visitors a year at Parkville it was important to challenge the typical approach. 

Applying the Victorian Government’s Female Friendly Sport Infrastructure Guidelines, the project has designed a more female-friendly and accessible stadium, to encourage women and girls to participate in and to keep playing sport over the course of their lives.

The redevelopment is delivering high-quality sporting facilities that offer thoughtful useability and safety features that will appeal to women as well as the community at large

Universal change facilities and inviting community spaces
The change facilities have been designed to cater to the needs of all users. They’re interchangeable which means that when there are more female users in the venue, change facilities can be converted from male to female, or vice versa.
The interior of the State Netball and Hockey Centre has a vibrant and welcoming aesthetic, with large assembly areas and wide corridors to make moving around the venue easier. All the amenities are designed to meet the principles of Universal Design, to be as accessible as possible. 

The venue is designed to be able to offer allied health services and childcare. Unisex baby change amenities have been included at the centre.

Prioritisation of safety (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - CEPTED) 
Much consideration was put into ensuring that women and girls could access the venue safely and securely. The lighting design ensures the internal and external areas, and access to the venue from public transport and the car parks, are well lit, with no blind spots. 

Women in Construction
The project also has a commitment to encourage women to find their pathway in the construction industry, and report on   the contributions of women on the job. Up to January 2021, women had worked 34,500 hours on the project, accounting for nearly 18 per cent of the total hours worked. Find out more about the project’s Women in Construction program.

The record investment in women’s sport, as well as a focus on careers for women in the construction industry, will ensure the Victorian Government continues to level the playing field, encourage girls and women to take part, and give our elite netball and hockey stars the very best facilities in the world.

From our project partners

"Hockey Victoria is excited to be part of the redevelopment of the State Netball and Hockey Centre. The new female-friendly facility will ensure our participants feel safe and welcome. They will be greeted with huge images of inspirational women on the walls, wide open, well- lit spaces, clean bathrooms with plenty of toilets for women, better eating facilities and more secure access to and from the venue. We are looking forward to facilitating more opportunities for women and girls to participate in hockey activities both on and off the field when the facility becomes fully operational in July.”
Suzanne Henderson, General Manager - Game Development from Hockey

Netball Victoria is proud to be involved in the redevelopment of the State Netball and Hockey Centre which has and will continue to provide opportunities for girls and women to develop as leaders and be involved in the sport.  As the State Home of Netball, the centre will underpin Victorian netball’s successful pathways across playing, coaching and officiating while also being home to Netball Victoria’s head office. The centre is a great recognition of the value the sport has in the community, and we cannot wait to have the centre fully operational later this year. 
Rosie King, CEO Netball Victoria

As an organisation that values the impact women offer through their participation in sport and in the workforce, my colleagues and I are honoured to be a part of the redevelopment. Now more than ever there are great opportunities for women to participate in sport and have valued careers in elite sport, sport administration and leadership. We are excited to play a strong part in the journey ahead for female access and employment in sports venues and high-performance facilities.  The investment towards the venue has allowed us to challenge the way sport venues are designed to be enjoyed and accessible to all our visitors. We look forward to our venue becoming the home for women in sport into the future.
Tess Craigie, Venue Manager Melbourne Sports Centres Parkville

Updated on 13 May 2024