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Matthew Veitch

We're looking for highly motivated, strong academic performers to join our passionate team as part of our intern program - applications now open. 

What will you do as an intern at Development Victoria? 

Let’s start with what you won’t do. You won’t just “shadow” people, and you won't be getting coffee for everyone (although we do enjoy a good coffee). Instead, you’ll genuinely be part of the team - working as a Development Coordinator on some of Victoria's most high-profile, iconic projects. 

Working a 22.8-hour flexible work week, to balance classes and academic priorities, you'll rotate through different specialisations within the organisation, gaining exposure to every aspect of the property development lifecycle. 

To get a better idea of what the program is like - we spoke to one of our 2020-21 interns - Matthew Veitch.

What does an average day look like for a Development Coordinator?

No two days are the same! As an intern I completed a range of tasks and activities to help my team manage budgets, programs, and the design and delivery of large-scale construction projects. I gained exposure to a range of people that have helped guide my career - most recently to becoming an Assistant Development Manager with Development Victoria.

What have you found to be the best part of the intern program? 

The people – not only the fantastic team I work with at Development Victoria, but also the wide network of industry professionals I've met and built great working relationships with.

Did anything surprise you about the intern program?

Just how complicated these projects can become. With various stakeholders involved in the work being delivered, it is important to make good decisions and find the right balance between competing interests.

What would you say to students considering Development Victoria for their internship? 

The people at Development Victoria are very welcoming, inclusive, friendly and motivated to produce great results for the community. I can't imagine gaining the exposure I have to projects working anywhere else.  I've been able to work on some of the largest projects in the state and work towards outcomes that provide genuine improvements to the people of Victoria.

What advice would you give students who are considering applying for the 2022-23 program?

Show a passion for improving our built environment, practice speaking in front of new people, and most of all – believe in yourself!

Learn more about our upcoming intern program and how to apply on our intern page.



Updated on 26 May 2023