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Development Victoria is progressing plans to revitalise the heart of Docklands with works underway to safely remove Central Pier from Victoria Harbour.

We have appointed specialist marine contractor Fitzgerald Constructions Australia to lead the removal of the pier, with works starting in early October.

To remove the pier safely, equipment and cranes will work from barges anchored in the water, carefully positioned alongside the structure, with the process being to remove the buildings first and then the pier itself. This process is likely to take several years to complete.

A permit to remove the unsafe pier structure was approved by Heritage Victoria under the requirements of the Heritage Act 2017.

In March 2023 we appointed Fitzgerald Constructions Australia to investigate the safest way to remove the pier and they were mobilised on site at NewQuay West to start their evaluation work.

During the removal works, we will continue to work with Heritage Victoria and the community to develop a revitalisation plan that responds to feedback and respects the rich cultural heritage of the Victoria Harbour.

There was strong participation by the community in the first stage of our public consultation campaign in late 2022 and the feedback was captured in an Engagement Summary Report.

This community feedback is being used to help inform the development of a Place Principles and Vision document that will establish the vision for the future revitalisation of the pier and adjoining waterfront areas.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the revitalisation of Central Pier and adjacent waterfront, register your interest on the Central Pier project page.

Central Pier and adjacent waterfront at Melbourne Docklands. Includes waterfront building and wooden pier.

Updated on 14 May 2024