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Central Pier structure, looking out to the waters of Docklands. 

Development Victoria is progressing plans to revitalise the heart of Docklands with works underway to remove Central Pier from Victoria Harbour.

Specialist marine contractor Fitzgerald Constructions Australia Pty Ltd has been appointed to remove the pier and is now onsite commencing the water-based piling works, which is the first step in the process.

This work will include mooring poles driven into Victoria Harbour to secure the  barges that will transport the machinery, including cranes, that will be used for the removal works.

The buildings on the pier will be the first to be removed, followed by the pier itself. The process is expected to take several years to complete. 

A permit to remove the pier structure was approved by Heritage Victoria under the requirements of the Heritage Act 2017 due to the pier forming part of Victoria Dock’s registration as a place of historical significance to Docklands, and the City of Melbourne.

Development Victoria will continue to engage with Heritage Victoria, the City of Melbourne, the community and other key stakeholders to identify opportunities for the revitalisation of Central Pier and adjacent waterfront areas while respecting the rich cultural heritage of Victoria Harbour.

Removal of Central Pier, which was permanently closed in early 2020 due to safety concerns and has continued to deteriorate, is a key step in the Victorian Government’s plans to revitalise the area and adjacent waterfront along Harbour Esplanade.

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Updated on 14 May 2024