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Blue-billed Duck update

9 April 2021 

After receiving reports of Blue-billed Duck breeding at the dam our ecologist, Ecocentric Environmental Consulting, has since visited and pleasingly confirmed the presence of a Blue-billed Duckling on the site. Since commencing undertaking regular assessments of the site in 2014, this is the first recorded evidence of a Blue-billed Duckling at the existing dam.

Our ecologist has continued to monitor the site and has reported that despite the single Blue-billed Duckling, it appears the species does not routinely breed at the existing dam. We will continue to attend the site to monitor the behaviour of the duckling and ensure there are no works being undertaken on site which could impact any potential duck breeding. The full ecological reports are available in the resources tab.

Background on the proposed wetland

It remains our priority to protect and enhance the natural habitat for the endangered Blue-billed Duck. After an assessment of the existing dam, it is evident that there is potential risk of collapse. The proposed wetland design allows us to ensure safe community access to the site and will provide an improved habitat for local fauna.

We are currently in the planning stage for a new mixed-use community in Knoxfield, on the corner of Burwood Highway and Scoresby Road.

During the early planning process, we considered a range of options for the existing purpose-built dam on the site. In developing plans for the dam, we took into consideration its history, environmental values, functional attributes and connection to the community, as well as the safety issues identified with the dam in its current state.

We obtained advice from expert ecologists and hydrologists to review the purpose-built dam and the options available, and asked them to consider community safety, the ecological and environmental contribution of the dam, and other functional attributes required by the development.

The priorities for the site included:

  • The protection and enhancement of the natural habitat, including that of the endangered Blue-billed Duck.
  • The identification of an effective stormwater management solution to reduce the risk of flooding and appropriately treat stormwater to prevent any potential contamination of Blind Creek.
  • Ensuring that any water body on site can be integrated into the overall development and accessible to the community. 
As a result, the expert advice recommended the removal of the unsafe purpose-built dam and the development of a new wetland which would enhance the current flora and fauna and provide an accessible and safe experience for the community.  

In considering the options for the site, Development Victoria was required to meet a range of statutory and regulatory requirements, together with requests from Knox Council, who will ultimately be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and care of the open spaces on site. 

We have now released a fact sheet of this evidence base in support of our decision to develop a new wetland on the site.

Knoxfield Wetland Proposal Seminar - September 2020

Development Victoria has released a webinar of the evidence base in support of our decision to develop a new wetland on the Knoxfield site.

The proposed new wetland will enhance the current flora and fauna, address the safety issues of the current purpose-built dam, address stormwater management and provide an accessible and safe experience for the community. 

Learn more about our philosophy and track record on wetlands and water sensitive urban design

Updated on 18 November 2021