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At Development Victoria, we’re creating a more sustainable future for all Victorians.

Our developments use water-sensitive urban design to deliver social and environmental benefits for local flora, fauna, and the community – creating smart, adaptable, beautiful places where both people and the environment can thrive.

Our water-sensitive design sees stormwater as a resource, not a burden, and uses it to create urban environments where the water cycle functions naturally.

For more than two decades, Development Victoria has been delivering water-sensitive design initiatives at projects like Jawbone Reserve, Cairnlea, Officer, and Aurora.

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The benefits of water-sensitive urban design

  • reducing the volume of stormwater entering waterways to mitigate floods
  • improving water quality downstream in rivers and bays by filtering pollutants 
  • reducing reliance on drinking water to irrigate green spaces
  • enhancing the social and environmental amenity of the urban landscape
  • improving biodiversity by expanding and diversifying habitats
  • decreasing the ‘urban heat island’ effect by increasing irrigation capacity, soil moisture and, green space
  • reducing capital and maintenance costs for stormwater systems

Development Victoria’s commitment to water-sensitive design is enshrined in our sustainability strategy, our responsibilities under the Water Act (1989), and the Victorian Government’s Water for Victoria plan.

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Updated on 26 May 2023