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Key details

421 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe

Policy objective


Development Victoria is working with Banyule City Council, the Ivanhoe community and other stakeholders to prepare a Development Plan for the decommissioned Yarra Valley Water tank site.

The Development Plan will include provision for new housing and open space within an activity centre and major employment hub, including housing options to meet the needs of the local community.

After two phases of community engagement, part of the site was rezoned in 2018 to allow for residential use. Approximately 2,000 sqm was retained as Public Use Zone where Development Victoria will work with Council and the community to develop a new park.

Development Victoria has now acquired this site from Yarra Valley Water Corporation and will prepare plans to revitalise this land to deliver a sustainable development, increasing the supply of affordable homes for Victoria’s growing population.

0.8ha Project area



Phase 1 community engagement (Aspiration for the site)


Phase 2 community engagement (Draft Development Plan Overlay)


Site was rezoned via the Government Land Standing Advisory Committee

Mid 2022

Development Victoria acquired site from Yarra Valley Water

Mid/Late 2023

Public exhibition of Development Plan

Community engagement on Draft Plan and new park


Tank demolition and early works (pending relevant approvals)


    The Development Plan Overlay outlines the below objectives for this site, which will guide Development Victoria’s approach for the project.

    Objectives for this site include:

    • Provide a treed canopy and natural vegetated appearance, that responds to the surrounding neighbourhood character.
    • Create a positive interface with the adjacent public open space giving appropriate consideration to issues of safety and surveillance.
    • Graduate buildings across the balance of the site with reference to analysis of shadow, visual amenity impacts and the character of the area.
    • Provide an environmentally sustainable and efficient use of the site with a mix of dwelling sizes and types, good residential amenity, accessibility and safety.
    • Improve local permeability through provision of new pedestrian/cycle pathways or new local street networks where appropriate that link to the existing networks.


    As per the Development Plan Overlay, the Development Plan will provide for public open space and residential uses to address the increased housing needs of the Ivanhoe-Heidelberg area.

    Community engagement, planning and design processes, and site works will occur over the coming years, to inform the renewal of the site.

    Community input will be considered for the planned public open space to ensure it meets local community needs and Banyule Councils requirements.

    Considerations may include:

    • The area's rich neighbourhood character and type of use the public open space will best facilitate.
    • The design elements required for the best and safest outcome for all users.
    • Landscaping, plantings and the site's interface with the street.
    • Access and connectivity, such as the type and location of paths through the site.
    • The type of activation that might provide a new and improved amenity for local residents.


    The former Yarra Valley Water tank site is located at 421 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe.

    Who to contact about this project

    For more information about the project, or to provide feedback please contact us at:

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    Community engagement

    In October 2016, Development Victoria engaged with stakeholders and the community to understand their aspirations and concerns regarding development of the site.

    Key themes included:

    • Traffic, parking and access
    • Overshadowing and overlooking
    • Height and density
    • Loss of trees and habitat on-site
    • Need for open space
    • Cumulative impacts of development in the area

    The community also felt the development should aspire to:

    • Reflect the area’s rich history and heritage
    • Consider amenity within the development
    • Provide meeting spaces and landscaped design
    • Improve connectivity and accessibility with surrounding areas
    • Create a sustainable community outcome

    Phase 2 of community engagement was held in March 2017 with two information sessions, for discussion of the draft master plan.

    The draft master plan represents an initial response to community engagement and will continue to be developed to reflect community input and technical advice.

    In early 2023 we will be engaging with the community and stakeholders on the next steps for the project. Sign up to receive email updates for this project.

    Updated on 08 March 2023