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Redeveloping the Yarra Valley Water tank site


Water tank site, Ivanhoe development
Development Victoria is working with the Ivanhoe community and other stakeholders to develop the Yarra Valley Water tank site at 421 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. The development has the opportunity to activate an underutilised site to provide housing and open space in a well serviced precinct opposite a major employment hub. The development will include apartments of different sizes and value to meet the needs of the growing local community.

This uniquely located site offers an opportunity to deliver a range of outcomes for the local community including meeting changing housing needs and to delivering an increase in the size and quality of public open space.

Site investigation highlights the potential to more than double the size of the existing park on a premium area of the site to provide an outstanding open space that meets the needs of the existing community and provides a focus for the development.

Development Victoria commenced engagement with the community and other stakeholders including Banyule City Council to introduce a master plan that reflects the outcomes of previous engagement activities.  

Phase 1: Community engagement

In October 2016, Development Victoria engaged with stakeholders and the community to understand their aspirations and concerns regarding development of the site and how the new public open space could be developed.

Key themes raised during phase one engagement which are reflected in the draft master plan include:

  • Traffic, parking and access
  • Overshadowing and overlooking
  • Height and density
  • Loss of trees and habitat on site
  • Need for open space
  • Cumulative impacts of development in the area

The community also felt the completed development should aspire to:

  • Reflect the area’s rich history and heritage
  • Consider amenity within the development
  • Provide comfortable meeting spaces and well considered landscape design
  • Improve connectivity and accessibility with surrounding areas
  • Create a sustainable community outcome

Development Victoria is actively working with the design team, acknowledging this impact as well as other considerations to develop a final master plan for the site.

The current draft master plan addresses:

  • Appropriate set-backs, heights and density adjacent to existing properties;
  • Adequate underground parking accessible from Upper Heidelberg Road only;
  • A new and improved public open space within the development;
  • Alterations to the development footprint, reducing the need to remove mature trees on site.

We will continue to work closely with Banyule City Council and the community to address any further considerations.

Phase 2: Community engagement
Phase 2 community engagement commenced in March 2017 with two community information sessions at which the draft master plan was discussed.

To view the draft master plan for the site click here. This master plan represents an initial response to community engagement and will continue to develop to reflect community input and technical advice.

Frequently asked questions on Phase 2 community engagement can be accessed here.

Following phase 2 engagement a preferred master plan for the site to guide future development will be produced. 

Phase 1 and 2 Community Engagement Summary Report
The Phase 1 and Phase 2 Community Engagement Summary Report is available here.

Further information 
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