Development Victoria

Planning and process

As part of declaring the site surplus to its needs, Yarra Valley Water is required to identify an appropriate planning framework for the site. Development Victoria is uniquely placed to facilitate the required changes to the planning frameworks while also providing an appropriate and community friendly solution to the increased housing requirements of the Ivanhoe-Heidelberg area. 

Planning options

Creating opportunities for residential growth and community assets at the water tank site at 421 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe will require an appropriate planning framework to be put in place. The site is ideally situated close to good transport and services and can accommodate more intensive development than neighbouring residential areas. This approach will require a rezoning of the site from the current Public Use Zoning which is now outdated and reflects the previous use of the site.

The preparation of a master plan will include the identification of a planning framework for the site. This framework will guide the implementation of the master plan and will identify any changes required to the Banyule planning scheme including zonings and overlays.

Planning, engagement and design process

Planning, engagement and design processes will be delivered simultaneously to inform the renewal of the site.

The engagement process includes a range of opportunities for community members to participate. As part of the engagement process, a preferred master plan will be prepared to be supported by a planning framework which will identify the future zoning for the site, in addition to any planning overlays and other changes to the Banyule planning scheme.