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Key details

Valley Lake Boulevard, Keilor East

Policy objective
Urban renewal


Development Victoria purchased the Niddrie Quarry site in 2000 with the intention of transforming the disused quarry into a premium residential estate, known as Valley Lake.

The site has been rejuvenated through the development of a master plan that embraces the site’s unique location, and sets a benchmark for an upmarket residential development. Reconstructions of the Valley Lake board walk will commence in early September 2021.

It is anticipated that after more than 20 years, the estate will all be formally under the control of the Moonee Valley City Council by mid 2022.


48ha project area

573 homes

30% open space

1 new basketball court and playground

Water quality update

Recent heavy rainfall combined with warm weather has resulted in some organic matter forming on the surface in parts of Valley Lake.

This issue is not uncommon where stormwater feeds into a water body, as this also washes additional silt and nutrients into the lake, creating ideal conditions for organic matter to thrive, particularly during warmer weather.

Although the organic matter that had formed in the lake has now dispersed, we are working with our water management consultant to review the issue.

An inspection of the lake was completed earlier this week and we are planning to undertake some water treatment works early next week to address the issue and help prevent any further growth.

We thank the members of the local community for bringing this matter to our attention - if required, any further updates regarding this issue and any further works that are proposed will be posted on this page.


  • Lakeside living featuring Niddrie Lake, the boardwalk and amphitheatre
  • Easy access to the CBD and nearby shopping strips
  • Recreation trails for walking, running and cycling, including a cliff-top walkway taking in city views
  • Extensive frontage to Steele Creek
  • 30% of the estate dedicated to open space
  • Peregrine Park, including a basketball court and playground
  • Retained quarry walls, protecting the site’s character and creating a unique landscape
  • Contemporary architecture and streetscapes to protect the estate's unique character
  • Good connections to Melbourne's freeway system
  • Close to trams, buses and Melbourne's bike path network

Innovation and awards

Valley Lake is a demonstration of Development Victoria’s ability to tackle difficult sites.

In 2011, Valley Lake won the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s Victorian urban renewal award in recognition of the barriers overcome to bring new life to the site.


Lake Niddrie which is the central feature of the site, is located on Valley Lake Boulevard, Keilor East.

Who to contact about this project

For more information about the project, or to provide feedback please contact us at:

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Project timeline

  • End 2019 – several landscape areas were handed over to Council including cliff faces
  • Early 2020 – Steele Creek pedestrian bridge and retention pond systems completed
  • Late 2021 – reconstructions of the Valley Lake board walk will commence in early September.
  • Ongoing – currently 70% of the Valley Lake estate is under the management of the City of Moonee Valley, with a full handover in the next 12-24 months


Valley Lake is the former site of Niddrie Quarry, which supplied basalt to pave the roads of Melbourne from the 1940s to 1975. 

The quarry was closed in the 1970s, and remained vacant for several decades.

Before redevelopment works could begin, important rehabilitation and earthworks had to be completed to the former Niddrie Quarry, delivered by Development Victoria.

Today Valley Lake is an award-winning residential development providing a unique place for the community to live, respecting the site’s history and rugged topography and integrating sustainable urban design and architecture.

March 2020
In the coming months works will be undertaken on the Ornithologist Sculpture within the Lake to include:
  • Decommissioning of the lighting which has not been active for several years
  • On-going maintenance

Additional works are detailed in the Masterplan and also lists the point of contact for relevant enquiries. 

Updated on 04 February 2022